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10 Eco Easter Gifts Your Little One Will Love

Here at the Crystal, we appreciate the power of the natural environment when it comes to captivating the younger generation. Whether this is via the medium of television, with shows like Planet Earth, or through interactive exhibitions like the one here at the Crystal, the next generation has never been more eco-conscious.

To inspire their inquisitive minds further this Easter, take a look at our choices for eco-friendly gifts that they will love. Oh, and don’t forget to join in with our Annual Easter Scavenger Hunt (more details below)!

1. Weather Station

Think your little one could make it as the next Carol Kirkwood? You’re in luck. With our Weather Station science kit, your child has all they need to monitor, analyse and report tiny changes in the atmosphere. They’ll even have all the gear they need for small-scale science experiments, like seeing the greenhouse effect first-hand.

Forget having to rely on the 6 o’clock news for tomorrow’s weather updates– your little one will have all the answers for you in this kit.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £10.99

2. Enviro Battery

In a world where we continue to exhaust fossil fuels (the UK could run out of by 2019), the Enviro Battery teaches the next generation how to make their own sustainable energy sources.

With this kit, they will discover how everyday items have the potential to power light bulbs and sound buzzers. They will also have experiments for making a coin battery, fork battery and potato buzz wire game. What’s more, there’s no plug sockets or electricals in sight. In fact, the energy created in this kit comes from four unlikely sources: potato, salt, water and mud. Amazing, right?

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £10.99

3. Potato Clock

Ran out of batteries but have plenty of spare veg? With the Potato Clock, small children can learn how to create natural energy from household objects.

The kit comprises a digital clock, wires, and transparent tape – all your little one needs is a potato. Converting potato starch into electricity, this kit is an impressive example of how going back to basics is still impressive in the technological age.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £10.99

4. Eco Science Toys

While your child might understand what the recycling bins at home are used for, they’ve probably never seen what happens to their items once they’ve been recycled.

That’s where our Eco Science Toys comes in. In this kit, they can create amazing science toys from even the most mundane household objects. For instance, did you know that you can convert old CDs and toilet rolls into a super speed racer? Or, just with an empty plastic bottle, a rip-roaring tornado? With this gift, anything is possible.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £10.99

5. Tin Can Calculator

Batteries low on your calculator? No problem.

In this kit, old tin cans and pencils create a natural electricity source so strong that it can power a dud calculator. Not only does it look cool, but it is also a great way to show children how incredible recycling can be.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £12.99

6. Grow-A-Maze

Okay, so plants create the oxygen we need to breathe and provide the feeding ground for all living things… but can they escape from a maze?

That is the question that your kids can answer all by themselves with our Grow-A-Maze kit. All they need to do is construct their own maze (the harder, the better), plant their beans, and then all that’s left to do is watch the sprout navigate its way to the end. The kit also includes a transparent cover and a mini magnifying glass, so they can keep a close eye on their speedy sprouts. Race you to the top!

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £12.99

7. Tin Can Cable Car

Instead of throwing your empty can of Coke into the bin, your child can turn it into a mechanical marvel with the Tin Can Cable Car.

In this kit, they will find all the bits and bobs they need to construct a functioning cable car. It also introduces your young one to the basics of engineering and inspires their imagination with robotics. We think this is an essential gift for any budding mechanics in the family.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £15.99

8. Solar Rover

Solar power is the coolest kid on the block when it comes to clean energy, so it’s a good idea to get your little one attuned to its potential with our Solar Rover kit.

Constructed with a recycled drink can, the Rover is powered by a solar panel and plenty of sunshine. To use it, all you have to do is wait for a sunny day, put it on a smooth surface, and watch the little cart travel – all without the need for a battery. Vroom!

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £16.99

9. Wind Power

Wind turbines are something many children only see when they head out on family trips to the seaside, but with this cool kit, they get to witness the magic of wind power up close.

Watch them assemble their own turbine out of an electric generator, adjustable rotor and wind speed indicator. Then, they have free rein to test their turbine’s output against 20 different experiments. See their eyes light up as their handmade wind turbine generates enough electricity to lift a heavy weight, light an LED and charge a battery.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £29.99

10. Power House

Living sustainably is the first step towards reducing our individual carbon footprint (which we, at the Crystal, know very well). So why don’t you give your child the ultimate eco-friendly present with this exciting Power House science set?

With 100 experiments to try their hand at, children will learn everything from reducing energy to building a more sustainable water system – all in their own model home. If you want a gift that keeps on giving, this is the one for your little Easter bunny.

Available at the Crystal gift store: RRP £69.99

‘The Crystal 2019 Easter Special

Come for a fantastic day out at our sustainable exhibition, which is open 10am to 5pm each day on Good Friday (19th April), Easter Saturday (20th April) and Easter Monday (22nd April).

Bring your kids to take part in our annual treasure hunt and participate in our Easter-themed Craft Table activities. Successful treasure hunters will receive a free chocolate Easter gift for their efforts at Reception.  Plus, the first 10 children to complete the treasure hunt on each day will also receive a free Crystal rucksack with various Crystal Shop goodies!

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