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Accreditations & Awards

Environmental & Sustainability

LEED: Platinum: Platinum

LEED: Platinum

The US sustainable building

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BREEAM: Outstanding: Platinum

BREEAM: Outstanding

The British sustainable building

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ISO14001: Platinum


The international standard for
environmental management

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Green Apple Awards: Platinum

Green Apple Awards

Four- time award winner for built environment & architectural heritage

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eu.bac Certified: Platinum

eu.bac Certified

Highest accreditation in building automation for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings

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Green Business Winner: Platinum

Green Business Winner

Awarded at the East London Chamber of Commerce Docklands Business Club Awards 2015

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BCO: Office Award: Platinum

BCO: Office Award

Awarded for building design
innovation by the British Council
for Offices

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RICS Award: Platinum

RICS Award

Awarded for Design and Innovation
by the Royal Institute of Chartered

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Visit England: Platinum

Visit England

Certified by the English Tourist Board

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Green tourism: Platinum

Green tourism

Certified Gold by the Green Tourism

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Health & Safety

OHSAS18001: Platinum


The international standard for
occupational health and safety

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