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Conversation at the Crystal


Welcome to our hub

Here you will find articles and opinions on some of the big issues currently facing our planet. From smart cities to future recycling, dive right in and join the conversation.


Why Biodiversity Matters to Our Planet

In the last 50 years, 60% of global species have been destroyed. We’re now at a crossroads. Take a look at our infographic to see why […]

10 Eco Easter Gifts Your Little One Will Love

Here at the Crystal, we appreciate the power of the natural environment when it comes to captivating the younger generation. Whether this is via the medium […]

Doing More with Less: Why We Can’t Just Recycle Our Way Out of Crisis

It’s a common sight. Plastic recycling bins primed in blue, green, brown, and sometimes yellow; lining the UK’s streets like brightly-dressed children waiting for the school […]

Could this be the School Dinner of the Future?

As innovations in technology advance and eco-friendly alternatives proliferate, we can expect many aspects of our lives to change. One area in which we can expect […]

How Will Technology Shape the School of Tomorrow?

Cast your mind back to when you were at school. What do you see? Blackboards? Wooden desks? Textbooks, perhaps? These items have typified our country’s classrooms […]

Will London Flood in the Future?

The U.K. has had its fair share of floods. Many have been caused by violent and sudden downpours, whereas others have been the final call on […]

The Problem with Plastic: How The Thames is Changing

Before it became the iconic backdrop for Eastenders, the Thames, quite frankly, stank. In fact, according to a report in the Guardian during the 1950s, England’s longest river was […]

City Performance Tool: Measuring Targets in our Cities

What does an “environmentally-friendly” city look like? If you envisage electric charging stations in place of pumps and wind turbines in abundance, you are in good […]

The Smart Home of 2050

Imagine a home which, like a living organism, lives, breathes and reacts to your every movement. Your bathroom cleans itself and clothes go from filthy to […]

The Impact of Sustainable Cities

It’s the year 2050 and you’re sitting on-board a driverless car, cruising through a city akin to the setting of a sci-fi movie. From the window, […]

A Crystal Clear Vision: An Interview with WilkinsonEyre

Crane your neck towards the sky in any one of the world’s major cities and you are likely to see a brainchild of WilkinsonEyre. The architectural […]