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Could this be the School Dinner of the Future?

As innovations in technology advance and eco-friendly alternatives proliferate, we can expect many aspects of our lives to change. One area in which we can expect large-scale changes is in education. Along with advancements in how and what children are taught in classrooms, we can expect there to be changes in school canteens, too. Or so say food futurologists, The Robin Collective.

This collective of experimental food experts has, among many things, predicted the future of space food and designed a cutting-edge menu for a well-known hotel chain. Utilising their extensive knowledge, we asked them to predict what the school dinner of 2050 could look like. Taking hotly debated topics into consideration, such as GM food and ethical meat, they set about creating a meal based on current research and future issues surrounding sustainability. Their ideas were then taken by set maker and design specialist Hattie Newman, who crafted each food element out paper!

Here’s what they believe the school dinner of 2050 could look like…

(Note that the information in the following image is based on current research and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Siemens).

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