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Ecosummit was held at the Crystal in 2013 and 2014, attracting hundreds of attendees from the smart green economy.


Ecosummit is the smart green business network and conference held in both London and Germany annually with the purpose of connecting startups, VCs and corporates to accelerate smart green innovation. The conference involved 63 speakers including 40 early and late stage startups providing delegates with short presentations on specialized topics relating to smart green businesses. Speakers at the event ranged from CEOs and VPs of corporates to investment managers and energy efficiency advisors.

Ecosummit used the Auditorium as the main space for their event, transforming the stage with a vibrant green carpet and props such as bamboo plants and uplighters. The Street was set up to accommodate catering and breakout spaces set up as ‘discussion forums’, enabling guests to chose from a bespoke selection of bowl food provided by Sodexo Prestige while discussing topics with speakers.


“Simply speaking, we love the Crystal and believe it is London’s most sustainable conference venue - the perfect match for our smart green innovation conference.”

Jan Michael Hess , Ecosummit Founder and CEO