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Touching the Future – Siemens Healthineers Product Launch


On the last week of September 2016, The Crystal hosted the European unveiling of a Siemens Healthineers diagnostic instrument to over 300 invited delegates.


In preparation for the 3 day event the venue was completely transformed; 1m diameter multi coloured circular vinyls covered the floors and inner walls of ‘the Street’, the main lobby area of the Crystal and the Exhibition area, resulting the building being completely dressed in the company’s distinctive brand colours. This branding solution not only conveyed the distinctive look and feel of Siemens Healthineers, but also maintained the confidentiality of the product unveiling by covering the windows of the Crystal. The vinyls also transformed the colour of the light from outside, casting the rooms in a subtle warm glow, furthering the imaginative look of the venue.

To further maintain the anonymity of the instrument, before the unveiling, a branded and custom-designed box measuring 5 m in length was placed over the product hiding it from view. The box was held and then lifted by a large metal frame, designed to bear the 1.5 tonnes of weight. The slow lifting of the box served as the dramatic unveiling of the product, accompanied by theatrical music and light effects. The unveiling of the product was the main event on the first day of the event and remained on display for demonstrations for two more days - as if it was part of the very own permanent exhibition of the Crystal.

The launch was followed by a ‘Street Food’ themed celebratory dinner on the waterside (of London’s Royal Docks) with the Restaurant, the quirky Cafe and the Crystal’s outdoor space combined. Wandering around the labyrinth of trucks and stalls of the local traders, the delegates were served locally sourced food and drinks.