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Room 2-3

A wall mounted screen located outside each room can be used to list your specific meeting/event name, and there is another wall mounted touch screen positioned inside each room that allows you to control the lighting, blinds and temperature.


Each room has an 80” screen (16:9 format), a PC with wireless mouse and keyboard plus PC sound system, bluray player and an audio conference kit. There is an AMX touch screen that allows you to select the desired option, with a VGA/HDMI cable provided to connect content from your laptop onto the screen.

A number of 13A sockets are located in each space as well as a telephone. Wifi vouchers are available or a dedicated line can be discussed with the AV team. There is also one flipchart, water (half bottle per person) and notepads/pens provided with the hire of the room.

Walling can be removed to create a much larger space across the four rooms or any combination with the AV and IT able to link across the selected number of spaces. This flexibility allows a range of set ups from boardroom to reception to exhibition space to fine dining and more.


Virtual Tour

Visit the Crystal in our virtual tour via Google See Inside