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Event Services


Award-winning venue

Our event management team will help you coordinate all logistics from AV to catering, to branding or soft furnishing opportunities, ensuring that all your requirements are met and the necessary preparations made.



We are committed to providing a unique hospitality service that reflects our customers’ needs and demands. Our focus is on outstanding quality and the principles of responsibility, sustainability, health and well being. Wherever possible, we ensure our milk is organic, our eggs are free range and our key ingredients are seasonal. Best practice is exercised for food sourcing and preparation, and all menus will be delivered with skill and passion.

Download the brochure below to find a specially selected range of menu ideas to accompany your event. We can also create a bespoke menu that matches your requirements.



Our AV team are skilled and experienced in creating bespoke AV solutions for events of any size. Whether your event is a private meeting or international product launch, we will work with you to ensure sound, lighting, telephony and more are set up to meet your needs.

Good lighting enhances any event. All our meeting rooms have large windows and receive generous amounts of daylight, which can be supplemented by artificial lighting as per your needs. Our 270 seat auditorium has numerous options for lighting, including customizable uplighters.

Wireless microphones are available in our meeting rooms for teleconferencing, and bespoke sound solutions are available. Once our technical team receive your event’s agenda they will take time with you to work out how our AV expertise can be used to help you achieve an unforgettable event.


Our range of on-site facilities

  • Wifi

  • Bespoke building branding

  • Printing and laminating

  • Bespoke furnishings and floral arrangements

  • Bespoke furnishings and floral arrangements

  • Building Security Personnel

  • Cloakroom

  • Fully Accessible

  • Reception

  • Sustainably sourced ingredients

  • Delegate Registration

  • Hot Food

  • Tours of the exhibition and building

  • Outdoor Seating